Orange Sunrise | CBD: 11 - 17%. THC: 0.56%

Aroma: Smells resemble a wooden spoon soaked in gas from pressed raspberries.

Flavors: A sweet, earthy inhalation with a strong myrcene undertone on the exhale.

Appearance: A dark purple bud structure with flashes of yellow and bright orange hairs. It also has a production of purple calyxes under a variety of amber and white trichomes.

Strain Backstory: Bred to bring a fizzy funk to the popular BB cultivar for an indica-dominant and "OG kush-like" smoking experience. The lineage of this variety has a great myrcene impact

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Highly productive, stable and highly resistant to botrytis variety, stabilized in the tropics, grown under a greenhouse. Its productivity, cannabinoid profile, low THC content and THC / CBD radius, generate efficiencies and substantial savings in extraction and post extraction processes.

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Units available : Yes
VAT type : 12,00%

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